“It Is A River” is a collective art project about mail art & photography. Artists from all over the world use a single use camera as a form of expression. I send cameras using postal service. The artist completes the camera’s film and then returns it to me, like a journey through a river. Art is in your eyes, not in the camera. 

Artists in the project:
Synchrodogs (Tania Shcheglova & Roman Noven), Olivia Larrain, Valeria Cherchi, Giulia Agostini, Yuan-Wen Wang, Matt Fry, Marlaja Virta, Piotr Sokul, Macarena Praglia, Justin Guthrie, Jolan Kieschke, Martine Eschuis, Giulia Bersani, Angeles Peña, Ulrike Biets, Alessandro Ruggieri, Agustina Mistretta, Nina Ahn, Nemanja Knecevic, Silvia Conde.

“It Is a River” is a project by Sergi Serra Mir during 2011-2014
creative commons CC BY-NC-ND